This past weekend I came home from the store and planned to clean and decorate the porch for fall. It’s the only part of the house I’m decorating since half of the house is down to the studs and the rooms that aren’t are storing extra furniture. But, I came home to this…LOL

My dad bought a fancy machine that sucked out the nasty old insulation from the attic and pumped it into these giant bags. They are staying on the porch until we get rid of them so they don’t get wet if it rains, so this is what people see when they drive by our house (which is on a pretty busy street). Maybe I’ll turn them into ghosts or giant pumpkins!

Also, here is the last of the old lath, plaster, drywall, and other junk all piled up in the side yard. I’m sure the neighbors love us!

With demo DONE and the old insulation out, we are ready to start putting this old house back together. We are waiting on one final quote for the new duct work and then we are ready to get the ball rolling. The quotes we have received have come in pretty high which means we will likely be doing the electrical work and drywall ourselves. When I say we, I mean Patrick and my dad. I usually just make sandwiches, help clean up, and work on painting projects. Although I am starting to learn how to hang and mud drywall.