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One Room Challenge Spring 2019-Week 2

One Room Challenge Spring 2019-Week 2

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It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I still haven’t done anything to the actual room. But that’s all about to change because only ONE more school day stands between me and Spring Break!! My sister and I will both be off for an entire week so we hope to get most of the painting and bigger projects knocked out next week. Hopefully we can narrow down some of our paint colors this weekend. Here are some of our choices…

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In order to prep for our big week ahead, I’ve been doing lots of shopping and ordering to hopefully cut down on the number of trips to Home Depot and Target. Once I’m there I get sucked in and you never know how long I’ll be! I’ve been picking up some inexpensive accessories here and there and have tried really hard not to buy too many things for my own house along the way. So many stores have fun new stuff for spring and summer and it’s so temping! Here are a few of my favorite finds mostly from World Market and Target. If my sister doesn’t like them I’ll probably just keep them for myself!


I also found these baskets on clearance at Home Goods. I only paid $32 for both of them. We are going to paint them and use them to cover the current light fixture. My sister doesn’t own a tape measurer so I just eyeballed the size. If they don’t fit we will use them as regular baskets and go with something like this for $56 at Target.


And finally, we have this beautiful $60 Craigslist find….


I’m pretty sure my neighbors must think we are crazy after seeing these sitting in our yard along with all of the other piles of junk we usually have. Don’t worry we have a plan to paint them…can anyone guess what color??

I can’t wait to start making some progress in this room! If you missed out on last week’s room reveal and plans, check them out here. Don’t forget to check out all of the other participants over on the One Room Challenge blog!

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