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We Have Grass!

We Have Grass!

After a super long break from my blog, I’m finally ready to get back at it!  Winter had me feeling super unmotivated and it didn’t seem like we had anything going on worth sharing. For the past couple of months, all we have been doing is digging. We have even been digging in the dark at 10pm. I seriously felt like Stanley Yelnats from Holes, except instead of digging in the heat, it was freezing cold and wet.  


A couple of months ago, I started cutting ivy off our tree and then got carried away digging up plants. Once I started, I couldn’t stop! Our yard is pretty shaded, so the previous owners put down a ton of mulch beds with plants that do well in the shade. Most of them were very flowy and whimsical and got out of control quickly. We just wanted grass!  Easy to maintain (or so we thought) and perfect for Chester. Per usual it all took WAY longer than I expected… 

Here is how it looked when we bought it. Not bad, but the grass is super thin and all those plants got out of control. Plus that pea gravel got everywhere!

Here is how it looked when we bought it. Not bad, but the grass is super thin and all those plants got out of control. Plus that pea gravel got everywhere!

After digging out every plant in the yard, we had to dig up SO. MUCH. MULCH. It either rained or snowed every weekend or every time we tried to work on the yard. We basically had a huge mud pit for a yard. Chester was filthy, our house was filthy, and it was the most boring and exhausting job. If you want a good workout, go dig for 8 hours straight!

dirty dog.jpg

 After all of the digging, we cut down a tree that had a pretty bad fungus and that took up a lot of space. I didn’t realize how big that sucker was until it was on the ground. I also didn’t think about the fact that you have to get rid of it. In my mind I just thought we would cut it down in one big piece, chop up the trunk, and be done with it. I was so wrong. The branches were huge! Patrick bought a rinky-dink mulcher called Sun Joe. So boring that It comes with cupholders. So we also spent an entire day drinking beer and mulching branches. Check this thing out!

Sun Joe.jpg

 Next we had to rent a Rototiller and till the whole yard. Then we put down a bunch of Orgro fertilizer, which is basically poop.


We went back in forth for a long time trying to decide on sod or grass seed. After all of the work, we agreed that we wanted the instant gratification of sod. Luckily, we had an awesome team of a few of Patrick’s friends that helped lay the sod. This project was SO much work. I seriously think I have arthritis after it.

 Was it all worth it???

grass 1.jpg
grass 2.jpg

100 TIMEs YES!! We go out on the porch and just stare at our grass. I think that officially makes us old people. I love how clean and open the yard looks and I can’t wait to mow the grass. I actually love mowing! Right now, we are in the process of watering twice a day which is harder than it sounds. Chester isn’t allowed on it yet which is pretty inconvenient, but I think he will be very happy soon. We have also been spreading fresh mulch in the beds around the porch and around the trees, and are starting to plan out bushes and other plants. I will share a picture of the finished product when we get there.

I know that was a lot of information about our grass haha, but I am very excited about it! It will also be ready just in time for our big Kentucky Derby Party. The past two years we have gone to Louisville for the Derby and it is SO much fun! Such a cool experience that I didn’t even know I was missing out on for so many years. We aren’t able to make it there this year, so we are throwing a big party here. I’ll start sharing some of the decorations and details!

Next on the list is finishing the basement, another never ending project full of unexpected surprises. We have promised not to start anything new until we get the big stuff in the basement done (we will see if I hold up my end of the deal).

So we STILL won’t be doing any decorating or fun projects for a while in our own house, but at least I get to go shopping and spend other people’s money… I’m excited to share that I’ll be helping both my sister and one of my best friends decorate their houses! Both projects will be a blast because they are pretty different from what we plan to do in our house.

My sister just moved into a little one-bedroom apartment that will be perfect for her. It’s nice and fairly updated, and a great size for one person, but it’s pretty much your standard/basic rental without a lot personality. The challenge will be creating a unique space that follows the rules of her complex and won’t be a pain when she eventually moves out. We are going to be sticking to a tight budget since it is a rental and also because she is a teacher like me :) Luckily, she already has some awesome things!

Kasey’s house will be a dream to help decorate. She lives in a super cute bungalow in California. If you don’t remember, we were looking for a very similar style home the whole time we were house hunting. Her house already has a ton of character and she has really great style! We are going to start in the living room and slowly add in one or two pieces at a time. It will be a little bit tricky doing it from the opposite side of the country, but I’ve at least visited a couple of times and am familiar with the layout.

 Spring has me more motivated to get things done and I feel like I have some cool things to look forward to. I’m hoping to not to go ghost again!!

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