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$100 Room Challenge- Weeks 1+2

$100 Room Challenge- Weeks 1+2

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that our pretty projects were getting put on hold until we took care of some structural and safety things in our house. We were driving home from a weekend away when I came across the $100 challenge and I knew I had to participate and get some pretty back into our lives! The challenge involves transforming a space for $100 or less in one month which sounds really hard but also really fun! The only problem is that I’m already behind as the challenge started on January 2nd so I’m combining weeks 1+2.

We have been watching the show Bargain Mansions on DIY and they create an awesome mud room in pretty much every house. Except instead of calling it a mud room, they call it a mud space. Patrick keeps saying almost daily that he wants a “mud space". We don’t really have a mud room, but we do have a little side entrance off our dining room that currently looks terrible. It is basically just a dumping ground for all of the junk we are too lazy to take to the basement (or too scared to take down at night).

So here is the before of our future “mud space”!

Time to talk plans! This is my inspiration.

I know my inspiration pictures are a bathroom, but I love the colors and texture and I think something like this will tie in nicely to our dining room we recently painted. Here are our goals for the room:

  1. Clean

    The first goal for the room is obviously to clean it up. If it looks pretty and finished, we are less likely to store stuff there. We might also be able to get down to the basement easily to put stuff where it actually belongs!

  2. Wall Treaments

    The next thing we plan to do is add some DIY Board and Batten with a little shelf to the top and hooks along it for storage. I’ve seen a few tutorials on Pinterest that I plan to combine and I’ll be sure to share the process. Above the Board and Batten, we are going to use some of the leftover wallpaper the previous owners used in the dining room.

  3. Paint

    We have leftover black and white paint and I’m going to go to town with it. Everything is getting painted. The door and Board and Batten will be black, the rest of the walls white. I’m even going to paint the gray wood floor lo hopefully look like the tile in my inspo picture.

  4. Lighting/Decor

    I ordered this light fixture from Amazon. It was only $56.45 when I ordered it. We have a mirror that we hung in our entryway in our condo that we will reuse in this room.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 8.01.34 PM.png

And now for my progress picture….


At least it’s clean and ready for work? Going back to work has kicked my butt even though it’s only been 3 days. I hope to get a lot more done this weekend!

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