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$100 Room Challenge Dropout

$100 Room Challenge Dropout

Earlier this month I announced that I would be participating in the $100 Room Challenge (see plans here). The plan was to spruce up our side entrance into a mini-mudroom for $100 in one month’s time. If you haven’t seem my instagram stories, what was originally supposed to be a fast and inexpensive fix quickly turned into a much bigger project than we thought…

This project seemed doomed from the beginning. My dad was supposed to come over to lend us some tools and help get us started but we got hit with a pretty decent snowstorm that put us behind right off the bat. When we finally got started removing the baseboards to prep for the board and batten, some of the drywall broke because the baseboards had been glued to the wall. We were curious to see what was behind them since we uncovered some scary stuff behind the walls in the basement. Since the wall was already damaged, we decided to take a peek. First one wall came down, then the ceiling, and then another wall because if we were already going to fix two walls we might as well fix them all!

open concept.jpg

I have to say as annoying (and MESSY) as this was, I am so glad we did because THIS is what was behind the walls!!! Major termite damage/rot which is likely behind other walls throughout the house as well. Pretty gross/scary!


Anyway, it’s all fixed now, new drywall is almost all back up, and we unexpectedly have a slightly more open concept going on in the kitchen. We had to take down a wall in the kitchen, one of our only finished spaces in the entire house, but like the open sight line and plan to keep it that way. We still plan to go forward with a very similar plan, but needless to say it’s going to cost a litttleeee more than $100 and won’t be finished by the end of January. I do plan to post updates and will for sure share the finished project. Who knows how long that will take because we have started yet another big project. I am writing this with a broken back (not really, just being dramatic) from digging up our entire mess of a yard. While my dad was drywalling in the tiny space we got to work removing every piece of pea gravel and clearance plant junk that has taken over our yard. I am SO sore but it will all be worth it to get some grass in our yard. Poor Chester sure is going to miss digging in the mud pit that is our front yard!

We still have lots to do in the basement, but all of this prep work means we are that much closer to a safe and pretty home. We just won’t be having guests over anytime soon lol.

Stay tuned for mudroom updates during the next few weeks!

$100 Room Challenge- Weeks 1+2

$100 Room Challenge- Weeks 1+2