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We Have a House!

We Have a House!

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here! My husband Patrick and I first started house hunting this past February with a pretty specific list of must haves. We wanted something OLD, really no later than the 1930’s. Our dream home was a Craftsman in Arlington with original wood floors and trim, a front porch, and the ugliest, most outdated kitchen we could find. We were looking for a real fixer upper.

Seven months and five offers later we ended up with this 128 year old beauty…(I’m sure our realtors are relieved the search is over!)


So it’s not really a fixer upper and it’s not a Craftsman. It’s also not in Arlington. BUT, we feel like we are getting so much with this house. Even though it’s not the style or location we were originally after, this house has all of the old features we were looking for. We LOVE the front porch, the original doors, maple floors, and unpainted trim, the transoms, stained glass, built-ins, I could seriously go on forever! I’ll do a house tour soon!

We also know that we wouldn’t get this amazing yard in our desired neighborhood in Arlington. So perfect for our new puppy Chester! Plus the neighborhood really doesn’t seem like a compromise at all. Falls Church is the cutest “Little City” and our house is very walkable to all of the things we love like Northside Social, a weekend farmers market, and fun restaurants. The schools are awesome too so I know it will be the perfect spot to start a family.

One cool thing about Falls Church City is that it’s a victorian town. Our house is on one of the main victorian roads and is surrounded by other beautiful historic homes. It was built in 1890 by George Brunner, a well-known builder at the time on land provided by his wife’s family. It was later owned by Charles Kellogg who was the mayor of Falls Church in the early 1950s. The house is a registered historic home (how cute are the sign and the plaque?!) . The style is Folk Victorian which is really just a dressed up farmhouse or a slightly less ornate Victorian. We absolutely love that all of the previous owners have maintained the historic charm over the years.

Although the house has great bones and so much to love, we have big plans for the space. I have been freaking out and counting down the days until I could finally get my hands on this place and have been lying awake at night planning out each room in my head. My husband and my dad are about to hate me with all of the jobs I have for them. My awesome dad/personal contractor has cleared his weekends to help us out and I already told him to pack his bags for some late nights (we finally have a guest bedroom!!) Anyway, I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into with the whole blog thing, but I plan to share some of my design ideas and projects I have planned soon. First thing on the list is paint! Fingers crossed this place isn’t haunted!

House Tour

House Tour