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House Tour

House Tour

Thank you to everyone who read my very first post and for all of the positive feedback! I’m definitely a little out of my comfort zone but it was so nice to hear so many kind words. Patrick and I are still in the process of moving in and we have already started too many projects. Needless to say our house is already a mess! I’m typically a pretty messy worker, but I like to think it’s an organized mess.

I’m excited to share some of the things we have been working on, but thought I would do a house tour with some of the “before” pictures. Remember when I said this one isn’t really a “fixer upper”? In typical fashion, I’ve already gotten carried away and added quite a few things to our project list. While we don’t have a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, and don’t plan to remove walls (except for our master bedroom closet, one of the only negatives about old houses is the size of the closets!), we still plan to make at least one or two minor changes in each room.

Here are some of the reasons we fell in love with this house! (we definitely need to work on our photography skills):


The front door is HUGE! Transoms were on our list of “must-haves” instead of things like an open concept and en-suite bathroom. We know we we are weird. But the fact that the transom is also stained glass was a big plus for us! Our mailman delivers our mail through the little slot in the door. I still can’t get over the cuteness!


We aren’t fancy people, but Patrick wanted a grand entrance. The staircase was the first thing that had us interested in the house.


The first room off of the main entrance is the living room. We are so excited to have a wood burning fireplace. The picture below shows the large windows with more stained glass. Even though there are plenty of windows, the trees and front porch block a lot of light. We are going to brighten things up and also plan to change up the fireplace. It’s one of the few things that isn’t original and we want to give it more of a Victorian look to fit the rest of the house.


The dining room connects to the living room through a cutout on each side of the fireplace. They are separate rooms, but we are thinking of ways to make them look cohesive.


Here is a side entrance right off the dining room. It leads to the SUPER creepy basement. I don’t go down there alone at night. i think Patrick is even afraid of it in the dark haha. The door is great, but the entire nook needs some cleaning up.

We always assumed that we would completely gut the kitchen and start from scratch. I’m a little bummed that we don’t get to design the entire space ourselves, but I do really like the kitchen. It’s great how it flows right into the little sunroom and the back deck/patio. The built in antique general store cabinet is one of my favorite things in the house and the cabinets and appliances are all nice and new. The overall look is a little too country farmhouse with the other ideas we have so we will probably do a few small changes down the road. This room is most likely one of the last things on the list.

We aren’t sure what we like more…the bottom or the top of the stairs. The stairs split in two at the top and the other direction leads to the bathroom. And more transoms!

We aren’t sure what we like more…the bottom or the top of the stairs. The stairs split in two at the top and the other direction leads to the bathroom. And more transoms!

Built-ins at the top of the stairs. We need to buy more books to fill this thing!

This will be a guest bedroom. It’s a little bigger than it looks in these pictures and the closets are a good size.

This is the master bedroom. The third picture is a small room with a door that connects it to the master bedroom. It also has its own entrance from the hall. It was listed as a 4th bedroom but there is no closet and it’s so small. We will use it as an office and it would eventually make a great nursery.

This is the upstairs bathroom. It’s the only one on the level but at least it’s a decent size. There is a pocket door dividing it in two so one person can shower on one side and another getting ready on the other side. Our laundry is located in the closet. So nice to have it on this level! There is another washer and dryer in the basement but I won’t show those creepy pics…My dad CAN’T wait to go down there and demo the whole thing.

I saved the picture of the main floor master and bathroom for last because I’ve decided to participate in the One Room Challenge! Check out my next post for the plans for the room and let me know what you think!

We still can’t believe this is our house! Can’t wait to share some of our progress soon!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Week 1

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Week 1

We Have a House!

We Have a House!