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One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week 4

One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week 4

I am down to the wire again with my post! Patrick and I hosted a halloween housewarming party last night and I’ve been moving a little slow. I spent pretty much all of today on the couch and kept telling myself I would get started writing but I was feeling pretty unmotivated. Chester was pooped too.


Week 4 has been the hardest BY FAR. We moved in exactly one month ago and have been going pretty nonstop since. Patrick and I both hit a wall and decided to press pause for a few days to catch up on sleep and and do a few other much needed things. We finally started picking out our wedding photos after 3 months of putting it off!

We did get a few things accomplished in the guest bedroom, but the changes aren’t super noticeable. Everything got a 2nd coat of paint, we painted the closet doors, and installed our new fan. Of course I forgot to take pictures during the day. I’ll try and update with a better picture tomorrow.


The next 2 weeks will be all about the details! I’m trying to decide if I should use this rug that we had in our bedroom in our Arlington condo. The colors definitely work but I’m not sure if it fits the overall vibe/feeling I’m going for.

Or should I got with one of these from Urban Outfitters? Let me know what you think!

rug 2.jpeg

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween party and from a happy hour I hosted last Friday. We may still have stacks of wall art sitting around and had to DIY an outdoor table with sawhorses and an old door the previous owners left behind, but these pictures remind me that things don’t have to be perfect to have friends over for a good time!

Slowly but surely, things are starting to feel like home! Only 2 more weeks and I will have 1 finished room! Don’t forget to check the progress of everyone else’s space! Link in the picture below!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018-The Big Reveal!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018-The Big Reveal!

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