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One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week 2

One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week 2

I’m a little later than I planned with my update, but moving and trying to do house projects at the same time is no joke. We have been in the house for 2 full weeks now and just got around to setting up our bed on Thursday night. Our couch is still in pieces in the dining room and our TV somehow broke during the move. At least we have an awesome front porch to sneak in a few minutes of relaxation between all of the work!

I wish I could say the One Room Challenge is going strong but it still doesn’t look like we have accomplished much even though we have spent so many hours working on the room. In my last post I shared how much my dad hated the crown moulding and decided to take it down. After we took it down, we realized we hated the trim under the windows just as much so that came down too.

Patrick and my dad worked late into the night replacing the window trim and installing new crown moulding. It isn’t painted yet, but I already love it so much more. We made a quick trip to Home Depot and spent about $200. We picked out these 3 pieces of moulding to layer:


This room is a later addition to the home and doesn’t have the high ceilings like rest of the house. We stacked these 2 in this room:


Here is how it looks on the wall!


The rest of the house has 10 foot ceilings and looks a bit fancier. We are going to stack all 3 pieces and stretch them out a bit to make it wider and more ornate for the living room and dining room. Here is how we are thinking that will look:


This week we also got everything patched, sanded, and primed, and fixed the crack in the ceiling. I think the majority of the time I have spent in this room has been vacuuming all the dust! The worst part is pretty much behind us and we are SO close to finally getting some paint on the walls! I am DYING to get some color in there!

Here is a picture of the fan we ordered from Rejuvination. We are trying to do the rest of the room on a pretty tight budget, but this was our one splurge item. I would love to put a pretty light fixture, but this is the one room in the house without air conditioning so we figured a fan with a light would be the best option. We also wanted something shiny since the rest of the room will be dark. Speaking of shiny, we just scooped up an awesome brass bed for a great deal from Craigslist! Hopefully things will be looking much prettier by this time next week!


Next up on the list:

Week 3-Paint Walls and Trim

Week 4- Refinish/Paint Doors & Install Fan

Week 5- Furniture

Week 6-Decorate/Full Reveal

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